What We Do

Colt Midstream is a producer-focused natural gas gathering and processing company in the Fort Worth Basin and Barnett Shale. Colt is privately-owned and operated. Headquartered in Houston, TX, Colt also has field offices in Weatherford, Springtown, Eastland, Jacksboro, and Decatur. We consistently serve our producers through superior customer service and reliability.

Colt owns and operates over 3,500 miles of pipeline, over 100,000HP of compression, and 135 MMscfd of active processing capacity across 14 Texas counties

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Natural gas gathering and processing

Colt’s system gathers and compresses raw natural gas from wells and transports it to gas processing plants through low-pressure pipelines.  Once the gas arrives at our processing plants, it’s processed into natural gas liquids (NGLs) and dry residue gas.

Transmission of NGL and residue gas to market

Once natural gas liquids (NGLs) and residue gas emerge from a plant, they’re ready for distribution to energy markets.  Colt’s pipelines take the products from the processings plants to end markets, which distribute gas to the community for heating and powering homes.

Condensate processing (stabilization)

Unrefined (high vapor pressure condensate and off-spec NGL) gas product needs additional processing to become a marketable energy source.  We take this commodity and process it into on-spec NGL product and a high-gravity crude stream.