Recognizing a hazardous condition

In the unlikely event of a pipeline leak, please be aware of some of the distinct identifying factors:

  • dirt being blown or appearing to be thrown in the air
  • Dead or discolored vegetation in a normally green area
  • Continuous bubbling in a wet or flooded area
  • A dry area in a wet field
  • A roaring or hissing sound
  • An unusual sulfur or “rotten eggs” smell that seems out of place

Steps for ensuring a safe response

  • Turn off and abandon any vehicles or equipment in the area
  • Move upwind of the potential leak
  • Warn others to stay away
  • When safely distanced from the potential leak, call the Colt Midstream 24-hour Emergency Number: (817) 500-0200
  • Follow the instructions provided to you by Colt Midstream employees

Call 811 before you dig

One of the leading causes of pipeline failure is damage resulting from nearby excavation

Colt Midstream maintains a Damage Prevention Program in accordance with state and federal guidelines. The purpose of this program is to prevent damage to pipeline facilities from excavation activities such as digging, trenching, blasting, boring, tunneling or backfilling.

It’s SAFE. It’s FREE. It’s the LAW!

Calling 811 before digging on your property is your responsibility and it’s the law. Maintaining a safe pipeline system requires the public’s participation. In fact, most serious damage done to pipelines is done when a third party inadvertently excavates, blasts or drills within a pipeline right-of-way (ROW). Because even relatively minor excavation activities like landscaping or fencing can cause damage to a pipeline, its protective coating and/or buried utility lines, always contact your state One-Call Center before engaging in any excavation, construction, farming or digging – It’s SAFE. It’s FREE. It’s the LAW.

One easy FREE phone call to 811 starts the process to get your underground pipelines and utility lines marked. Most states require 48 hours notice to the One-Call Center to allow the utility operators to mark their pipelines and utilities at your proposed digging site. 811 can be called from anywhere in the country and will automatically be routed to your local One-Call Center. You will provide the operator information such as how to contact you, where you are planning to dig and what type of work you will be doing. Utility companies who have potential facilities in the area of your dig site will be notified, and they will send a locator free of charge. Once your underground lines have been marked for your project, you will know the approximate location of your pipelines and utility lines, and can dig safely. More information regarding 811 can be found at

Texas requires at least 2 working days, but not more than 14 days advance notice of a digging project. Marks are valid for 14 days. Refer to Texas Utilities Code Title 5, Chapter 251, commonly known as the “One-Call-Law” and to Texas Administrative Code Title 16, Part 1, Chapter 18 for the full regulations.

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